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G.W Graham Media Release

G.W Graham has been chosen as one of four finalists for the Vancouver Province School Spirit Award.
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Parent Volunteer Committee

On behalf of the Chilliwack Board of Education and Superintendent Novak, please find below an invitation for parent volunteer Committee members for the Reconfiguration – Implementation Advisory Committee.

Early Bus Registration 2017/18

Bus registration for the 2017/18 school year is now open! Each regular rider registration will be entered into a draw of 1 of 3 iPads! Click the picture below for more information.

Good Job Grizzlies!

On behalf of the Chilliwack Rotary Club, the Salvation Army and the Chilliwack Food Bank, I’d like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you and the Graham Grizzlies for helping us make this year’s Chilliwack Food Drive a success. The weather started out a little wet but we got some blue sky and a great evening to be collecting food on behalf of families in need. 
I’m sure it was challenging for you and the Grizzlies with the recent coaching changes, but I was very pleased to have about 30 of your eager young students participate. Their energy and effort is what makes this work. Please pass along our grateful thanks to all of them. I hope that the ID tags and canvassing script we provided made the door knocking aspect a little less intimidating.
 I was canvassing on Promontory with my 11-year old son, Jacob, and we met some great people (and their dogs) and had a productive evening that I hope inspired him about community involvement. Laurie, I’m not sure if you saw this, but we had a young mom show up whose son couldn’t be there (he is a Grizzly). She came to knock on doors on his behalf and she brought his two young siblings to teach them a lesson about community support. I found it incredibly touching and this is the spirit I hope we can help instill in each of your young athletes.
Like always, everything doesn’t necessarily go as planned. I understand that many of the routes were simply too big to be able to finish with only a couple runners and a few hours to do it. I’ve received input from the drivers and we’ll be working to improve things for next year. We’ll review and revise the routes so they are more manageable within the time allotted. I certainly don’t want anyone getting discouraged that the task is too big or that there is not enough help. I’ll make it my goal to organize things in a way that maximizes the good we can do in the community while keeping each volunteer’s work load very manageable. 
It is your willing spirit that helps make this a great community in which we live, work and play. Thanks again to GW Graham for stepping up to help!!!

Graham Newspaper:

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