Grad Transitions

The Basics

Graduation Transitions requires students to:

  • take ownership of their health and learning
  • examine and demonstrate connections between their learning and their future
  • create a plan for their growth and development as skilled, healthy, knowledgeable, participating citizens
  • exhibit attributes of a BC graduate


Graduation Transitions requires students to reflect on their knowledge and abilities and plan for life after graduation.  Students are expected to assemble a portfolio that includes evidence of their achievements in the 3 areas outlined below.  Their portfolio is created in their MyBluePrint account.

1. Personal Health

Daily physical activity and a commitment to fitness and physical and emotional well-being are key to healthy living. In this component of Graduation Transitions, students develop the knowledge, attitudes, and habits needed to be healthy individuals by maintaining a personal health plan and participating in at least 100 hours/year (2 hours/week)  of moderate to vigorous physical activity in each of Grades 10, 11, and 12.  Physical Activity tracking form, at the bottom of this page, for the grade 12 year, can be downloaded, completed, and uploaded to the students' portfolio on

2. Community Connections

Life after graduation includes the world of work and community responsibilities. As part of Graduation Transitions, students gain employability skills through participation in a minimum of 30 hours of work experience and/or community service.  Work Experience tracking form at the bottom of this page can be downloaded, completed, and uploaded to the students' portfolio on

If you need help finding a Work Experience Placement, please download the form below, complete it and give it to your counsellor.  They will forward to the Work Experience Department. 

3. Career and Life

Graduation Transitions requires students to explore personal and career goals during their secondary school years and create a plan for life after graduation. Transition planning is an ongoing process throughout the graduation program years.  Students show evidence of their post high school planning by completing the required areas in their MyBluePrint account. 

Exit Interview: Portfolio Showcase

Requirements are met when the Portfolio is presented in the students' exit "GT interview" . All interviews are schedule during the January 2018 Assessment Week. The Portfolio must include resume, cover letter, and budget, in addition to the components 1-3 listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can students start acquiring their 30 hours of work experience and/or community service?

  • Students may begin acquiring applicable hours in Grade 9. A student can therefore begin documenting his/her time as of July 1 (following their Grade 8 school year).

Where do students obtain the necessary forms?

  • Forms for Work Experience and Physical Activity may be obtained in C167 Student Services Center, or downloaded from list below.

If a student acquires 30 hours of work experience and/or community service by doing different activities, does each activity require its own separate forms?

  • Yes, because each of the forms for the Community Connections Component refers to a single experience. It is recommended that a student complete the applicable forms immediately following an experience to ensure that a thoughtful and meaningful reflection is made.

What are students to do with their completed documents for Personal Health, Community Connections, and Career and Life?

  • Completed documents must be uploaded to the myblueprint account. Documents can be uploaded once students enter Grades 10, and anytime during grades 11 and 12. Students are expected to update and/or revise these documents, and will be introduced to the process  in Planning 10.

How can students acquire physical activity time after PE10?

  • Students can participate in “in-school” physical activity class at the grade 11 and 12 levels (e.g. physical education class, dance class, school athletics, intra-murals, special events or clubs)
  • Students can participate in “out-of-school” physical activity that will require keeping a log and signed off by a parent/guardian (e.g. household chores, mowing, raking shoveling, biking, walking, inline skating, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, racquet sports, canoeing etc)
  • Students can participate on a school or community team/club (hockey, figure skating, martial arts, dance etc)

What can students do to acquire work experience and/or community service hours?

  • Extra-curricular Activities: Many school-sponsored activities require student volunteers to plan, organize and/or facilitate events (e.g. lunch time intramural games, athletic league games and tournaments, student dances, fine arts productions, parent/teacher conferences, etc.). Students can speak to any of the following school personnel to inquire about possible opportunities:  Athletic Director; Leadership Teacher(s); Teacher(s) / Event Sponsor(s).
  • Course-related Activities: There are courses offered at GWG that include work experience as part of the curriculum (e.g. Work Experience 12 and Career Prep Programs)
  • Community Activities: Students can acquire hours by volunteering at their places of worship, City of Chilliwack sponsored events, food banks, political party offices, elementary schools, with theatre companies, environmental projects, fundraising campaigns, sporting/athletic competitions, etc.
  • Seasonal/Part-time Employment: Students who are employed or involved in entrepreneurial activities (e.g. paid tutor, music instructor, etc.) can acquire hours through these activities, as well.
  • Work experience and/or community service opportunities may be communicated /advertised in Student Services, TV announcements and/or daily announcements (DSAs) throughout the school year.

What is involved with the Grade 12 GT Interview?

  • Presentations/interviews will be approximately 15 - 30 minutes in length and will require students to communicate their plans for the year(s) following graduation.  Students showcase their Portfolio, highlighting some of their accomplishments in Grades 10, 11, and/or 12, and sharing their reflections on their high school experience. Students will be presenting the items in their myblueprint Protfolio.


Students are strongly encouraged to collect evidence along the way as this will greatly reduce the time needed to prepare for the presentation once they enter Grade 12.

Downloadable Files: