Take Action Day!

Starts: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 (All day)

Ends: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 (All day)

For the 11th consecutive year, on May 9 G.W. Graham students will head into the community to give back.  Community service through volunteer work lies at the core of the school culture.

Student first attend a kick-off assembly which features a guest speaker who shares with the students a message of hope and inspiration. The kick-off assembly this year is April 18 and will feature Mr. Tim Bohr, the Director of Community Ministries for the Chilliwack Salvation Army. Students are encouraged to bring a canned food item to the kick-off assembly. We want to stress to all parents, that this is not an optional day and students are expected to be in attendance for this important school day.

This year 26 different groups are being sponsored by teachers. There is a wide variety of opportunities.  The opportunities being offered this year are:

1.Read and Rec

You are involved in Graham Athletics and are able to work unsupervised with children teaching athletics and/or reading.


2.Quilts for a Cause

You have basic sewing skills and are committed to sewing quilts.


3.Thanks for Giving

In the morning you are outside participating in a food drive going door to door collecting food. You must be reliable and able to work without direct supervision. In the afternoon you will help with the Cabaret show.


4.Walk for Water

A lack of access to clean water is a serious and widespread problem in 3rd world countries. Join us and be a part of the solution by fundraising and spending the day outdoors in ‘search’ of water.


5.Cultus Lake Clean-up

You are a hard worker and committed to cleaning up along the banks of the lake and forested areas.  You will be outside.


6.Vedder Mountain Trail Association

You are willing to work outside helping to build and restore the recreation trails on Vedder Mountain.


7.Community Forest Trails

You are willing to work outside helping to build and restore community recreation trails.


8.Hospice Helpers

You can knit or want to learn! You will be knitting or crocheting a small bag to fill with items for cancer patient’s well-being.


9.Great Grizzly Giveback

You are in grade 10, 11 or 12 with shop experience. You will work on school or community projects.


10.Central Elementary School Leaders

You can conduct yourself maturely. You are flexible. You are an appropriate role model for younger students. You are willing to give up your lunch hour to do supervision in the playgrounds.  You will be a classroom helper.


11.Watson Elementary

You are a grade 9 – 12 Art student who wants to share your love of art with younger children, and participate in a variety of activities with a grade one class. You are responsible, outgoing, and able to be a positive example.  A clay project and other activities will be completed.

Experience with clay is required.


12.Storm Drain Stewardship

You feel strongly about water pollution and are committed to spending the day stenciling storm drains to caution against pollution with contaminants.


13.Salvation Army Pitch In

You will be collecting garbage on a community Pitch In clean-up route. The money earned from this goes to the Salvation Army.


14.Sto:lo  Elder’s Lodge Tea

You are respectful and caring. You are willing to serve Aboriginal Elders tea and play games, help out and engage in conversations with them. You are required to bring a food item to share in a community lunch.


15.Sto:lo Elder’s Garden

You will be working outside in the garden pulling weeds in the elder’s garden. You must bring a food item to share in a community lunch.


16.Make a Wish

You will be on a bottle drive in the local community. All money raised will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation which grants final wishes to terminally ill children in B.C.


17.Salvation Army Share and Care Center

You are in grade 11 or 12. You are a mature, respectful and nonjudgmental person. You will work at the Share and Care Center doing a variety of tasks.


18.United Community Group

You will be going to a local church to help with clean-up and organization.


19.GSA Alliance

You will perform acts of kindness and connect with other GSA Alliance in other schools.


20.Teen Spirit

You are a leader and flexible. You will work at several different tasks during the day to help make Take Action Day a success!


21.Music Therapy for Charity

You will be playing your instrument in a public forum to earn money to be donated to charity. There is also a community barbeque involved.

22.Aldergrove Zoo

You love animals. You are heading to the Aldergrove Zoo to help clean up blackberry bushes which are growing into the Salmon stream. You will have a chance to see the animals!


You are in grade 11 or 12. You have a passion for animals. You will be either baking dog biscuits, selling the biscuits, and making dog and cat toys or going to the shelter.

24.Tech Tutors

You are in grade 12. You have the permission of Ms. Cho. You will be tutoring senior citizens in technology in our school computer room.

25.Roots to Grow

You are going to be tree planting in Yarrow. You will be planting dwarf fruit trees and grape vines.  You will be outside all day!

26.Social Justice Ambassadors

You are passionate about social justice issues and want to make a difference. You will have a chance to research the issue and engage in letter writing or a public education project.

Any questions?  Please feel free to contact the Take Action Day coordinator, Ms. Chernoff.